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The Intrinsiq Process: Specification

Published Bernice on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 12:00 AM

The Intrinsiq Process: Specification

The Specification part of the Intrinsiq Process is more of a “behind the scenes” kind of phase where the Intrinsiq team gets to internally discuss the outcomes of the initial client meetings. In short, this is where we make the magic happen and make all our client requests come true.

Making the Magic Happen

We always stress the importance of communication and this particular stage in the Intrinsiq process is specifically why. In the Specification stage, we cannot see to our client requests efficiently unless we’ve had good communication with them. 

A Combination of what the Client wants and what we suggest

Once we collect all the data from our initial client meetings, we then compile all this data in one document which has all the Specifications that are required by the client. Some would be what the client requested and other suggestions would be functions we think would be of use.

The Document is Itemised and clearly priced

The document is grouped and priced accordingly before we pass it on to the client. This means that it would include a group price for every set of functions listed in it - starting off with the basic set of modifications and a price for that. From then onwards, each additional function the client required will be listed and individually priced for the sake of clarity and transparency. This document will also be used to show what still needs to be covered to the development team.

The Client is completely autonomous

The client has complete autonomy over his decision of which parts of the document to go ahead with. The idea behind giving such a clearly itemised quote is so that the client can determine whether the additional functions are needed at this stage or whether this might be something they wish to implement later on. We can go back and forth as often as the client needs to ensure that they truly get what they want and require.

Clarity and Transparency

The core of the Specification step is so as to ensure that the client knows exactly what they will be getting for the price they pay  in advance before signing off on it.

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