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The Intrinsiq Process: Stage 6 - Roll Out

Published Bernice on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 12:00 AM

The Intrinsiq Process: Stage 6 - Roll Out

The next phase in the Intrinsiq process is to test the roll out. In this part of the process, the aim is to do a soft launch of the part of the software which has been given the green light by the whole team. That way Intrinsiq ensures that everyone at the school feels comfortable using every part of the software. As you can see, even by looking at previous posts on the Intrinsiq Process, at Intrinsiq we really do launch the software step by step, and we hold the client’s hand every step of the way.

The staff gets a chance to test out the software bit by bit

The roll out is done step by step, or module by module, and this is done in order to give the staff enough to test out and identify any issues. In some cases and whenever possible, we encourage the school to run both the old system and Intrinsiq side by side for a while. That would allow them to identify anything that might be amiss in the new system.

We use real data to test out the system

At Intrinsiq, we use real school data in order to test out the system. That way we ensure that we are building something that reflects your school’s needs based on the kind of data that you enter into your old system. This is basically done by first replicating the old system (that way we ensure that no actual data is lost and we are working and testing on a copy), once the testing phase is done, we re-upload the latest data from your old system onto the new Intrinsiq system to ensure a smooth transition.

Training is provided by Intrinsiq

This stage is where Intrinsiq provides all the training. We encourage each department to test out their area and to test that each module, and that the department is communicating effectively through our system. This can be as slow or as fast as the client’s requirements and availability, in fact we always suggest that this process is done during low season where the staff is more available. That way, by the time high season approaches, members of staff are comfortable and fluent using the system.

Data from the school’s current CRM is constantly backed up in Intrinsiq

Once both the Intrinsiq team and the client are secure enough that everything is in place and functioning as it should, and that all members of staff are confident using the system,  we re-update the data to match their old system, so there is no data loss at all. Only when all this is done, do we do the hard launch and the client can start working on the software daily.

We’ll be there to support you and hold your hand all along!

As always, our support system is available throughout the soft launch and the hard launch and again after that. That way, the client is never dropped in an ocean and left to steer on their own. We are always there to help, be it calls, emails and any other form of communication our clients prefer. 

For any further information of if you would like to set up a call with us, do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

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