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Maximising ROI with Intrinsiq

Published Bernice on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 1:30 PM

Maximising ROI with Intrinsiq

We always say that getting Intrinsiq for your school is an investment, and in today’s article we are going to focus on three aspects where this will help you, namely automating admissions, seeing statistics and tracking revenue.

Automating Admissions

When it comes to automating admissions, you will have a single page which shows the student journey, with quick access to all the students who are currently booked and the stage they are at. You will also have a page that follows the client’s customer journey (this page is customizable) and highlights all the important day-to-day tasks on one screen. This is extremely helpful because it avoids having to carry out several searches to find out at what stage each booking is at. 

Another important aspect when it comes to automating admissions is the integrated booking form that is linked straight to the system. This means that there will be no need to type in each booking because the system automatically generates records for each booking.  

The system can also highlight all incomplete booking forms, and can auto generate a chase email to encourage potential clients to finalize their booking. The contact information of these potential clients can be used at a later stage by your sales team who might want to manually chase up these contacts. 

Finally, you will also have an agent login, where each agent has the option to fill in the booking form that is automatically generated within your system. The system can also generate a link for groups, where agents can fill in all the information related to that group instead of sending them via email and have them inputted manually, hence saving your team plenty of time.

Seeing Statistics

Thanks to this function you will have the ability to create as many searches as you like, from simple to complex ones, and save them to your profile for future use. The search function allows you to use any field within the system, pertaining to the area your search is related to (student, agent, family, staff, teachers etc) as part of the search criteria. The search function also allows you to add or remove the result fields you require. Any saved search is available in the user’s “My Searches” area. Results can be exported to csv files if necessary. 

The Intrinsiq system comes with its own set of ready-made reports that one can access at the click of a button. From sales reports to agent reports, marketing comparison reports and more. Any custom specific reports can also be built into the system, so that they are readily available for the users whenever they wish to access them. This can be pre-determined while we build the system and even after the system is set. 

Generated reports can be as specific as you need them to be. The marketing reports are especially useful as they can be sorted, by countries, regions and even different market areas depending on the way the school works. These reports are available in real-time and can be generated as per the dates you choose, while also giving you the option to make specific comparisons, for example, income generated by a particular region at a specific time of year compared to the year before.

These automated reports also allow you to forecast any budding marketing trends within the industry, while allowing you to push those markets that are still slow and needing a nudge. 

The system can show you the different nationalities in your upcoming intakes, giving you an immediate clue as to which countries you need to push more, or give discounts to, to keep a good nationality mix  at any given time within your school. 

Tracking Revenue

The system has its own invoicing function, with the option to recreate invoices for a particular record as often as needed.  It tracks ‘income’ vs ‘revenue’ so that you can immediately see  how much of the money for your students on site remains after cutting out your expenses.

Intrinsiq integrates with most accounting systems, therefore, once the invoices are pushed through to your accounts, the system can automatically update itself with the latest financial reports.

The system also allows for pay-runs for host families. When running pay-run, the system will load the list of those families who are owed payments from the last date when the payment was run made, up to the date you are on. From there, you can go through the list and make any necessary changes, then push the list to your bank / accounts department to execute payments. If you run a fortnightly payment for host families the system can charge from one night up to two weeks, taking into account new students and those that left within that period. 

The system allows you to charge either in gross or in net. Each agent profile allows for a set-up of commission on each booking. The system also has the ability to preset any discounts or conditions for certain countries, areas or regions and time periods, therefore, automatic discounts are assigned to the invoice without you having to remember them. Should there be a one-off exception, the system allows you to manually alter the price straight from the student record. 

In the agent record, you can run a commission-owing report that will let you know the commission owed to the agent, what has already been paid and what you still owe. When payments are done these are also updated within the system to ensure that you keep track of everything.

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