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The Intrinsiq Process: Consultation and Specification

Published Bernice on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 6:55 AM

The Intrinsiq Process: Consultation and Specification

In today’s article we are going to go through the rigorous consultation process that we take with each and every client in order to ensure that we truly manage to fulfil their needs.

Consultation and Specification go hand in hand

Consultation and Specification often go hand in hand. In the consultation phase we, not only, showcase what intrinsiq can do but we also encourage multiple calls with the various departments within a company. We ask each department to prepare some questions ahead of time in order for us to be prepared in showcasing them all and assuage their doubts. More often than not, further questions come up while we are demonstrating the software. Our job at this stage is to, not only, show our potential clients what we can do, but to identify the specific needs and goals that each potential client expects. 

We only make promises that we can keep

We always stress that the system is custom-built to a client’s specification and if some functions they ask for are not yet implemented, we always make sure we can manage to create these functions before promising that to our client.

This is a strategy that works

We are very fond of this strategy for 2 main reasons. The first is that by getting in touch with all departments in a company we make sure that no particular need gets forgotten or looked over, and we make sure that a complete specification is sent over to potential clients. Secondly, even though the final decision to proceed is always in the top leagues of the company, we love that it's not just the higher-ups that are on board with the change, but that also each department is convinced that we are the right fit and solution.

The Specification phase

After the consultation phase, we sort out a specification document with all that was discussed during the previous phase. The document is broken down into the different functions requested, with each module having its own individual pricing. The beauty of this system is that if a client wants some modules to be left out and then added at a later stage, this can certainly be done. The document will be clear both to client and to developers so there are no misunderstandings on what was approved and included in the price.

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