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Intrinsiq Support: Paperless Attendance

Published Bernice on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 12:00 AM

Paperless Attendance Tracking with Intrinsiq

It’s the start of a new scholastic year and once again safety features, including paperless attendance, are the norm. As far as attendance tracking goes, at Intrinsiq, we’ve got you covered too thanks to our contactless attendance tracking system.

How does this work?

QR Attendance Tracking is a simple way in which students scan a QR code, displayed in class or on screen, on their phone and they scan it without making any contact with other classmates or the teacher once they are in class. 

How will teachers and School Admin monitor this?

Once the student’s attendance is registered into the system, the teacher and the school’s admin will receive an update in real time, hence making this a super efficient system especially for schools with multiple buildings and annexes. Everyone in the main office can know who is present in class, without moving an inch from their desk.

The Intrinsiq paperless system is safe and Eco-friendly at the same time.

Thanks to the Intrinsiq contactless system you will enhance the safety features at your school by minimizing contact and increasing efficiency at the same time. On top of that you will also be cutting the costs related to printing and paper, saving on space used for physical filing and, at the same time, helping to create an eco-friendly system at your school.

Want to find out more?

Drop us a line on to schedule a call with us so that we can explain everything on how to move to an eco-friendly paperless attendance tracking system with Intrinsiq.

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