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Intrinsiq goes Live this coming Thursday!!

Published Bernice on Monday, July 20, 2020

Intrinsiq live discussion on social media

Join Intrinsiq as they go live on the Schools & Agents social media this coming Thursday at noon CEST. Mark Milford and Jonas Farrugia will both be present during this live discussion to talk about the new updates, how we are helping schools to adapt to the new normal and also to discuss some of the main CRM-related school pain points.

The discussion will cover the following topics:

- The automated features that Intrinsiq offers, which help schools to save a lot of precious time

- Accommodation and host family management

- The transition from any CRM to Intrinsiq

- The Intrinsiq support and implementation strategy

- The training that we provide to different school departments to help them get used to the Intrinsiq system

- The Academic section of a CRM, and the fact that we offer a very efficient solution to Holiday weeks

- Classroom Management with Intrinsiq

On top of that, we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have, so remember to join our live discussion and drop us a line while we are online to be able to answer your queries.

The discussion will be 30 minutes long. Don’t miss it!

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