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Intrinsiq Support - Diary Timeline Management and Tracking

Published Bernice on Wednesday, June 15, 2022 12:00 AM

Intrinsiq Support - Diary Timeline Management and Tracking

The Diary system that Intrinsiq offers is one of the software’s strongest points, especially if you are running a busy school, or a school which is planning to get busy in the coming months. In today’s article we are going to explore this area and we shall see why a diary-like system is highly recommended in any school management system. Let’s just start by saying that a diary system is useful to keep student records, agent records and host family records…in chronological order!

Keeping a timeline is key when dealing with records and data

Imagine that you have a student who books a course, and then, a few days before he arrives at the school he decides to add one-to-one lessons; and he also chooses to change his accommodation from an apartment to a host family; and he also chooses to book some additional excursions in advance. Not a big thing to imagine, right? But it can sometimes turn into quite an ordeal to organise and keep track of everything…especially if you might need to access this information at a particular point during or after the student’s stay at your school. Having all the information clearly saved in a diary format helps members of staff to get the whole picture and put everything in context much quicker and more efficiently.

So what does a diary-like system save exactly?

The diary keeps note of every email sent through the system, and allocates it to the corresponding student, family or agent accordingly. Same thing happens to every sms that is sent from the system. This means that Intrinsiq saves every form of communication that the school would have had with the student from the moment he/she establishes contact, to the day of departure and beyond, if necessary!

Members of Staff receive a notification on their Intrinsiq dashboard whenever there is a diary entry that requires their attention

Once a member of staff enters a note into Intrinsiq about a particular student, they can choose to leave that note in the student’s file, or they can choose to alert a member of staff about it depending on how urgent the situation is and what kind of action needs to be taken about it. This helps matters to be taken care of at a faster pace. Instead of having to go through all the emails until they get to the urgent one, it will be on their dashboard as soon as they log in and they will be able to deal with it straight away. The diary then allows the user to, either settle the matter so the person who sent them the entry is notified that the matter has been resolved, or else they can assign it to someone else or reply with a question if they need further clarification.

Why does this method work?

The idea behind using this methodology is that it creates a chronology and hence, a story. This means that if something happens at school and a member of staff needs to pull out a student’s file, they will not only know what happened in the various departments the student came in contact with, but also the chronological order in which these said events have happened. As a result, the picture of what happened would be much clearer and easier for everyone to understand, making this a much more efficient way of handling things.

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