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How Intrinsiq Works - Diary

Published Bernice on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 12:00 AM

The Intrinsiq diary function

In previous articles we’ve often spoken to you about the efficiency of the Intrinsiq Diary-like system for entering student records and student correspondence. And we cannot stress it enough! The Diary system that Intrinsiq offers is one of the software’s strongest points, especially if you are running a busy school, or a school which is planning to get busy in the coming months.

What are the benefits of a Diary-like system?

The idea behind using this methodology is that it creates a chronology and hence, a story. This means that if something happens at school and a member of staff needs to pull out a student’s file, they will not only know what happened in the various departments the student came in contact with, but also the chronological order in which these said events have happened.

So how does the Diary System work on Intrinsiq?

In this part of the article we’re going to go through the whole process of how to make a new diary entry step by step.

Step 1: Go to Student/Agent/Family Record - Click Diary Tab - Click Add

Step 2: Choose the Category for the entry from the dropdown list (preset by client)

Step 3: Choose Subcategory (preset by client)

Step 4: Type in Subject

Step 5: Attached any related documents

Step 6: Choose Staff Member that Needs to be Alerted and Tick needs review

Step 7: Type in message on actions needed and click refresh

Step 8: An alert appears in staff member dashboard for review

Such a system keeps everyone up to date with what is going on with the student’s customer journey

Imagine that you have a student who books a course, and then, a few days before she arrives at the school she decides to add one-to-one lessons; and change her accommodation from a host family to an apartment. Something like this can sometimes turn into quite an ordeal to organise and keep track of everything…especially if you might need to access this information at a particular point during or after the student’s stay at your school. Having all the information clearly saved in a diary format helps members of staff to get the whole picture and put everything in context much quicker and more efficiently.

Another important aspect is that it holds members of staff accountable

Once a member of staff enters a note into Intrinsiq about a particular student, they can choose to leave that note in the student’s file, or they can choose to alert a member of staff about it depending on how urgent the situation is and what kind of action needs to be taken about it. 

In short, the Intrinsiq Diary system was designed with the school in mind. Remember that Intrinsiq is a specific tool that was designed by people in International Education for people in International Education! Drop us a line on [email protected] if you’d like to find out more about how accommodation allocation works.

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