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How Intrinsiq Works - Course Pricing

Published Bernice on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 5:55 AM

Intrinsiq How it Works - Course Pricing

Course pricing can prove to be a headache for several schools especially when (as is the case with a lot of education providers) the price changes according to how many weeks a student books. As usual, Intrinsiq comes to your rescue in this aspect too and has features that help you save an incredible amount of time (and energy!).

Here’s how it works

Step 1: Go to Admin > Academic > Courses

Step 2: Click Add Courses

Step 3: Fill in Course Details and Click Save

Step 4: Choose Pricing from the Bottom Tab

Step 5: Enter Price Name

Step 6: Select the Minimum Number and Maximum Number of Weeks for that price bracket (if you offer tiered pricing)

Step 7: Choose the dates that the said price is valid for (you can set a different price for low or high seasons)

Step 7: Choose the Centre the price pertains to (different centres in different destinations might have a different pricing system)

Step 8: Choose your filters (if needed) either Agent, Nationality and Region, and then choose the agent, nationality or region you want the price to be specific to.

Step 9: Enter price

Why is this beneficial to schools?

There are various benefits when a school makes use of such a system, apart from the previously mentioned time-saving set-up.

  1. The system allows you to have more than one price type for each course
  2. The system will automatically assign the correct price according to the number of weeks chosen
  3. The system allows you to set specific prices for a region or nationality or agent if you are running a specific promotion, so any bookings that come in from them will have the offer price automatically set
  4. There are no limits to the amount of different prices you can have for a course
  5. The date function allows you to set courses for different periods of time (for example when some schools change their prices in high and low season)
  6. The system allows for another tab called ‘Expired prices’ which automatically moves the expired prices there once the date range is over. This enables you to declutter while also giving you a chance to look back on previous prices if you need to.

At Intrinsiq, we are keen on making your lives easier

At Intrinsiq we pride ourselves on making our schools’ lives easier. Sometimes, what seems complex and takes you ages to solve, might be something relatively easy for us to implement. So what are you waiting for?

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