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From Frown to Smile - An Intrinsiq Case Study

Published on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Efficient Classroom Management Software

The case study that we are going to look at in this post refers to Manchester Central School of English (MCSE), a school that had previously been using a different Management system. Unfortunately the original software failed miserably in helping this school be more efficient and effective with school  management.

In December 2015 they turned to Intrinsiq for help...and that is when their frown turned into a smile. Here’s the case study.

As previously stated, MCSE contacted Intrinsiq in December of 2015, upon a referral from a client. It became clear after meetings and calls that they needed a system to manage the core aspects of an English Language School. After a number of initial online demo sessions, as well as clarification of the flexible, bespoke nature of the IQ system and Intrinsiq’s portfolio of services, the team arranged an on site consultation to document and analyse the school’s requirements in detail.

Some of the main issues that MCSE had been having with its previous classroom management system were related to the following areas:

- Accommodation Management

- Retrieval and Integration of Existing Data

- Agent Management and Reporting

The agreed deadline was for a launch in April 2016 based upon the consultation report which outlined MCSE’s specific requirements. With a coordinated effort, the system was rolled out on time and within budget.  

The launch was on schedule and the system was available for use with the recovered data so staff saw familiar names and information. Intrinsiq provided on line demo sessions to familiarise the MCSE team, supported with additional phone support as well as our support ticket system.

Post Launch

Since the launch, Intrinsiq has provided support, including making minor amendments requested post launch. The MCSE team are able to work more efficiently and deal with the ever changing EFL environment with greater confidence. Discussions for further developments including incorporating online forms and staff holiday reporting are ongoing. Intrinsiq will also be working with the school’s IT department so as to integrate a swipe card system to track and report on staff attendance, among discussions for other improvements going forwards.

Speaking of their experience with Intrinsiq, Imad Ahmed, Operations Director at MCSE said that, “Intrinsiq listens to our needs, and the result is a system that really helps our school!”

For further info on how Intrinsiq can help you, check out this video, and drop the team at Intrinsiq a line on

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