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Intrinsiq Support - The After Sales Approach

Published Bernice on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 9:30 AM

The After Sales Approach at Intrinsiq

Aftersales is a factor that, at Intrinsiq, we always focus on and which means a lot to us. We are firm believers in aftersales, and we often refer to our business as a relationship with our clients. And like in any relationship, communication is key because it helps both parties to grow together.

Our Support Portal

The Intrinsiq Support Portal is the first way in which we communicate with our clients. Through this portal, clients can log in and post any issue they encounter and mark each issue with a level of urgency. To facilitate this process, clients can also simply send an email on [email protected] and this will automatically create a new ticket based on that email. Clients will then receive updates once that ticket is updated.

We don’t wait for our clients to email us though, we check in with them ourselves

Although the email and ticketing system is always available for our clients to use, we don’t just wait for them to email us. In fact, we do quarterly check-ins with our clients. The idea is simple - we continue to care for our clients even once they’ve purchased the system from us. These follow up calls are there to give clients that extra push, as sometimes we find that some people tend to be reluctant to reach out to us when they get stuck on something (by trying to solve the issue themselves first). This takes up a lot of their time, and in the end, they often need our help in any case. For this reason, we always encourage clients to reach out if they feel the system is lacking in some ways as we may be able to develop other functions they would need with no trouble at all.

The User Guide

We’ve also set up a user guide for our clients to use as they please. The user guide breaks down the system in a step-by-step process. Therefore, if a client gets stuck on one particular function, they can have a quick look at the user guide and they might be able to find a quick fix on it.

Technological updates

As part of our ongoing after sales process, we constantly stay up to date with technological advances and changes. Whenever such changes lead to further developments and updates from our end, we always inform our clients in advance to make sure that they understand what the updates are and how they are going to enhance their user experience. 

Contact us!

For any further information about student and user limits on Intrinsiq, or for any other CRM-relatedmatters, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Intrinsiq team on [email protected] to set up an appointment.

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