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Interview with Trinity College London

Published on Friday, March 24, 2017

Trinity College London is an organisation that requires no introduction. We are pleased to have been in touch with Andrew Harrison, Business Development Manager for the UK and Ireland, who has answered some questions regarding how Trinity College London can be beneficial for our readers.


What are the aims of Trinity College London?

Our aims are to promote and foster the best possible communicative and performance skills through assessment, content and training which is innovative, personal, and authentic.


What services do you offer?

Primarily, we provide assessment in English as a foreign language, teacher training, music, drama and the arts. We are also approved by UKVI to conduct Secure English Language Tests (SELT) in the UK, and by Transport for London for English tests for private hire drivers. We provide academic assistance to our exam centres through face to face meetings, webinars, and free online resources such as Schemes of Work, lesson plans, and classroom activities.


What kind of exams do you offer?

Our exams focus on developing communicative and transferable skills within the framework of language and performance assessments. We aim to provide assessment which has a positive effect in the classroom for both teacher and student, and which enables candidates to demonstrate their skills through real-life, authentic tasks, building confidence and empowering learners to use these skills in the wider world.


For what purposes can these exams be used?

Our four skills test, Integrated Skills in English (ISE), is used for university entry and, under SELT conditions, for visa purposes in the UK; in Ireland it is recognised by INIS to demonstrate language progression for non-European students. Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE), our speaking and listening test, is widely used in the UK and Ireland on short courses- and as part of projects such as PON- as an exit test; being an unscripted, one-to-one conversation with a Trinity examiner, it is an ideal test to develop a candidate's confidence and communicative skills, and adds weight to the course itself.


Who are your target clients?

We wish to expand our network of test centres by working with professional and high quality institutions; we also wish to engage with international agents to inform them of the benefits of requesting a Trinity assessment as part of their negotiations with language schools- being able to sell a course that features an internationally recognised qualification from a leading awarding body is an extremely attractive option to a wide range of learners, and the more information we can provide schools and agents the more benefits there will be for the learner.


How can Schools & Agents members benefit from these exams?

Member schools not already registered with Trinity can apply to become an exam centre and have the process personally managed by our Business Development team by contacting Irrespective of their registration with Trinity, any member school can be kept informed of our professional development and marketing events- run in conjunction with third parties such as English UK and Macmillan publishing- by emailing the above address.


Agent packs containing a broad range of materials designed to help agents increase their offer to students are readily available for members. Our Business Development team are more than happy to discuss in detail how agents can begin to promote our assessments, and put them in touch with Trinity registered exam centres across the UK. 


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