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Interview with Markus Badde, CEO of ICEF

Published on Friday, March 24, 2017

It has been a very eventful day for us here at ICEF Berlin and as the first day of meetings is coming to an end, we are pleased and honoured to have met ICEF's CEO, Markus Badde who has shared some feedback on this year's ICEF Berlin and on what's in the pipeline for ICEF.


Some of the key points highlighted during the interview were that this year's ICEF Berlin has grown by 2% in educators and by 32% in exhibitors and service providers. So once again, ICEF Berlin has proved to be the largest event that our industry has.


Another interesting point is that this year ICEF has gone green in various aspects of the workshop, especially with regard to the delegate list and the workshop bags. 


Enjoy the rest of the interview! And we'll be back later with further updates live from this evening's dinner and party!


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