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International House Study Abroad Conference starts today!

Published Bernice on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

From making friends and discovering exciting new places, to throwing themselves into different cultures and broadening horizons, studying a language abroad is an enriching experience for students, creating memories that last a lifetime. There are also many professional benefits to learning another language which will benefit your students in their future or current careers, including a globalised outlook, crosscultural understanding, and an international network of peers, to name just a few. This is what IHWO is all about and what today will be all about.

The day will be starting with an opening speech given by Lucy Horsefield, COO of IHWO, after which several speakers will present topics of interest to the particpants, leading up to lunchtime. 

Session Information

Industry Trends - Patrik Pavlacic, Student Marketing

The School-Agent Relationship: Panel Discussion - Tim Eckenfels, IH Sydney, IH Bondi and IH Darwin, and Claudio Cesarano, Media Touristik AG

The Power of Student-Led Marketing: Using Influencers and Creating Brand Champions - Jacqueline Kassteen, Jackfruit Marketing and

Print & Web Advertising and How to Get Your Branding Right! - Bonnie Lancaster, StudyTravel Magazine

Website Optimisation for Attracting Students - Johan Asplund, DreamStudies

After these sessions there will be time for representatives to present their schools and have meetings. So, stay tuned for more updates from Sofia! #IHConfSofia #IHSAConf

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