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Intercultura Costa Rica: What you can Learn from Costa Ricans

Published EDU-WorldWide on Monday, June 17, 2019

Intercultura Costa Ricans

What you can learn from Costa Ricans…

1. Patience - No matter where if waiting in a long line at the bank or just waiting out the rain storm – It´s easy! Ticos carry this patience with them from a very early age…

2. Time is NOT money - Ticos believe that there is more time than there is life and they´re hardly ever in a rush to get anywhere.

3. You don´t need fancy tools – A tico is a born MacGyver. They can fix stuff from anything.

4. Smile and be friendly even if you are having a bad day – Even if they answer you “muy bien” after asking “Cómo está hoy?” it doesn´t mean that they are really doing well. If you are new to Costa Rica you barely can notice it when a Costa Rican is in a bad or good mood.

5. Don´t try to do too many things at the same time – it makes you crazy, unrelaxed and it´s just not Pura vida! 😊

6. You don’t have to say NO, to say NO… : In Costa Rica, it is common to simply give the reasons why you wouldn´t be able to commit to an invitation for example, and make plans for next time – intead of saying NO.

7. If you need direction, always get a second opinion: Costa Ricans are so servicial, that they´d rather help out with a direction they are very unsure about, than to say, “no, I can’t help you”,

8. Let it go: No need in holding a grudge over something that happened last week, or even yesterday. If you need to have a conversation about what happened, do it. Though after that, time moves on and we need to too. Life is too beautiful to let ourselves be bogged down by negative thoughts.

9. Collective vs Individualistic. This last one is a very special reason we love our Tico friends and family because they work best in groups and family units. Spending quality time with friends and family here is priority 1.

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