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How to Tuesday - How to Increase Facebook Engagement (Part 2)

Published Bernice on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 12:00 AM

How to increase your Facebook Engagement

In today's "How to Tuesday" post, we are going to continue talking to you about how you can increase your engagement on Facebook. Engagement is an important feature to pay attention to because it goes a step further from your "reach". The main difference is that the "Reach" indicates how many accounts your post is getting to, whereas your "engagement" indicates the amount of reactions i.e. direct interactions, that your post is getting. As a result, it is important for this engagement to increase, because the higher the engagement, the more likely it is to convert these leads into real sales.

As usual, our "How to Tuesday" posts are brough to us thanks to a collaboration between Schools & Agents and our sister company BaiLogik

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