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How to Tuesday: How to Improve our Listening Skills

Published Bernice on Tuesday, November 23, 2021 12:00 AM

How to Improve our Listening Skills

Today's 'How to Tuesday' post is going to be slightly different from the usual Marketing-related posts. In fact, today we are going to take a small break from Social Media Marketing and focus on something that we feel is important in every area of business - whether we are a school, an agent, a service provider ... or whether or not we are in International Education. This is actually something that is highly important in our personal lives as well. We are, in fact, talking about How we can Improve our Listening Skills.

Most of us are beginning to get used to the normality of face-to-face conversations again, and it is for this reason that we felt this was a good time to share such a post. Over the past two years of Zoom-infested meetings with business partners, colleagues and students, we got used to the "mute" button, which funnily enough, forced us to listen to each other more effectively. We now need to find a less drastic, yet just as effective, method to translate that into our real live conversations as well. 

In the inforgraphic below we, together with our partners BaiLogik, we are sharing, what we feel is a good guide to improved Listening and Conversation techniques. Let us know your thoughts! Do you agree with this?


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