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Improve your skills at MC Academy

Published Lynne on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Improve your skills at MC Academy

What opportunities are available this October?

Dear friends of MC Academy, we hope you are well!

We have some important news to share this October!

Telephone & Email Communication - Our newest course!

We are proud to announce a new 4-week course to complement our diverse course timetable.

Introducing the Telephone & Email Communication course!

Key Information

4-week course

5 hours per week

19th October - 13th November


23rd November - 18th December


Free enrolment and materials fee!

About the Course

In today's business-centric environment, telephone and email etiquette are crucial when establishing business links and partnerships with potential clients. Our course syllabus is structured around language techniques, focusing primarily on writing and speaking skills to increase student awareness in these fields.

If you would like to know more about this course, then please get in contact.

Keeping students and staff safe during lockdown

At MC Academy, we are taking cautious steps to ensure the safety of all students and staff members who visit our school. Our school follows a strict set of COVID-compliant measures that are monitored daily. A helpful checklist illustrates the measures currently in place.

It is also a requirement to wear a face mask when on school premises. Staff and students will help keep others safe at school by covering their face.

Begin your CELTA journey at MC Academy

We are happy to announce that the CELTA course dates for 2021 have been revealed. MC Academy will host 2 CELTA courses in February and September, with the chance to open a third course if the demand is high enough.

The 2021 courses are online courses with the possibility to incorporate face-to-face lessons.

If you are interested in studying a CELTA course at MC Academy and would like updates with new information, then please get in contact.

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