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New Horizons Australia: Where can your IT Diploma take you?

Published EDU-WorldWide on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

IT Diploma in Australia

Could you imagine life without mobile, social media, email or the Internet? Probably not, and to be honest, neither can we. Tech is changing fast, and the way we work and interact with technology is changing rapidly too. The future of IT and tech related jobs is opening right up. Here’s how.

When evaluating career options, students should consider two important aspects, especially in the field of IT:

1. The skills that will always be required, no matter how many tasks are automated

2. The types of jobs that are most likely to be in demand in the future

Various soft skills are always required, but this industry has a list of its own:

- Communication Skills: Understanding how humans will interact and communicate is very important, especially in a world that is run by machines

- A Creative Mind: A machine may be efficient, but nothing beats the ideas sparked by people working together

- Problem Solving Skills: Machines can offer answers to similar problems, but a human being can take every single factor that shapes a situation, before drawing a solution

- Multifaceted Knowledge: More technology means more data, and more data creates the need for all of it to come together in a way that makes sense to whoever is reading it, at any level.

This list should help anyone to evaluate the skills and training they will need to be able to excel in their future career in Information Technology. IT’s not just about the tech skills, the professional and social skills are just as important.


Which jobs will be in demand in the future?

An IT Diploma can be the starting point of a promising career, and you can advance from there through studying. If this interests you, you can:

Start your working life by becoming a Web Administrator, Web Master, App Developer, Hardware Technician, IT Customer Support, IT Help Desk Officer, or IT Support Technician.

The next step: continue your training and become a Cyber security specialist, an Applications Programmer, a Software Developer, an Analyst, Programmer or Database Administrator, amongst others.

Some of the jobs mentioned above, are within the section of fastest-growing jobs in the IT industry.

These include:

- Mobile App Developers

- Web Developers

- Software Developers

- Database Administrators

- Analysts in market research, information security and computer systems

Just like the industry itself, IT-related careers progress, over time. The Diploma of Information Technology and Advanced Diploma of Information Technology offered by New Horizons Australia balances both professional and technical skills. Their qualifications can put international students on the right path to a successful career in the IT sector.

IT will change and jobs will change, but companies will always require people who think technical, who are innovative and who are skilled to run their IT departments to maintain the bridge between customers/clients and the technological world. Will this be you in the future?

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