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ISE Ireland: Waterford is your new destination to study English in Ireland

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, September 13, 2019

ISE Ireland Waterford

We are delighted to announce the opening of our brand new campus in Waterford/Ireland.

Waterford is the perfect destination to enjoy the outdoors as it's located in the sunny southeast and has a diverse and beautiful landscape of coastline, beaches, mountains, rivers, and woodland.

The cost of living in Waterford is significantly lower than Dublin and it is generally the most affordable of all Irish cities.

We are currently offering special discounts for both long and short-term programmes, at our Waterford campus.

About ISE Ireland:

The International School of English (ISE) is a quality professional school dedicated to delivering the highest Educational standards in International student care. It has been operating successfully since 1997.

Our experienced and qualified teachers ensure a friendly and professional language learning experience. Lessons are lively and communicative, helping you to progress and develop your English language skills. Students are given weekly progress tests to monitor progress, and tutorials every 6 weeks to assess development and offer suggestions on how to improve.

Why choose ISE Waterford?

- Great Location   
- 16 Modern Rooms
- Excellent Teachers   
- Cultural Activities
- Outstanding value

Why Waterford?

- Oldest city, founded by Vikings
- Clean and safe environment
- Varied entertainment and leisure attractions
- Great restaurants and bars
- Various arts and cultural attractions
- Programme of Festivals and Theatre productions
- Excellent transport links
- Cost of living lower than other Irish cities.

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