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Intrinsiq - A step by step guide through the client process

Published on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A step by step guide through the client process when purchasing classroom management software

In our previous posts we often spoke about the importance of smooth communication between provider and client, not just at the beginning, but throughout the whole process - from when the client engages with the provider, right until the moment of launch; and even post-launch. That way client satisfaction is ensured, and any improvements or modifications that might be needed are openly discussed, potentially avoiding future issues. At Intrinsiq, we are firm believers in this, and today we would like to share with you a step by step guide of what we will do once you decide to work with us.

Step 1 - Consult

The first step is to identify the goals and needs of the project. This is ideally done on site, however, due to the global nature of our business it may need to be done  remotely. Either way, we will gain a full understanding of your needs and requirements before moving forward. At this stage we will try to gather and analyse as much information as possible, in order to start preparing for stage two. It is important to meet all the stakeholders and define the client departments. This may involve multiple meetings.

Step 2 - Specification

Using the data collected from the consultation phase we write a detailed specification for the client, as well as for our use. The document will be clear to both the client as well as the relevant development team. The document will be sent to the client for sign-off before proceeding to step 3.

Step 3 - Contract

The specification document is sent to the client for approval and feedback. Once this is approved, a Work Statement outlining what we will build, when we will build it, as well as the agreed price and payment plan is produced by us and sent to the client. Once the client approves and signs, the work will start. We will also provide delivery dates for milestones achieved in line with stage payments.

Step 4 - Build

A senior developer will be assigned to the client’s system build. One or more developers will assist with internal building and testing. The build/coding procedure will meet or exceed milestone dates as per Work Statement.

Step 5 - Test

Testing on completed modules will be done by our internal team. The client will also have access to a test version of the test sites. That way there will be an opportunity for feedback and the client will also be able to request minor changes as necessary. Relevant training is also provided by our team to the client at this stage.

Step 6 - Roll Out

Due to the bespoke nature of our software, a “soft launch” is preferable to allow the client and us to spot and resolve any remaining  issues, provide training and generally communicate with the client to ensure both our and their expectations are met, or exceeded. A final “sign off” is the aim of this phase which completes the development process and moves to the next phase.

Step 7 - Host and Maintain

The client’s system is now live. Clients are encouraged to get in touch with us through our ticketing system for any maintenance they might need.

Step 8 - Care

This is the most important word for us. We want you to be happy and we take pride in happy clients because to us that means that we are doing our job well. It is our job to keep in regular contact with our clients to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded. We do this by scheduling in a quarterly call or email to advise of new features or improvements - features which we feel would benefit our clients. Regular communication will keep the client up to date as well as allow us to ensure we are listening to them.

We see this as a collaboration with our clients for the long term rather than merely the sale of a product.


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