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ILE - an Innovative English School with Attractive Commission for Agents

Published on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The future is online


We would like to introduce to you ILE Love English, a 21st Century English School. We have established ourselves over the past year and are delighted with our excellent track record in terms of student satisfaction. We have been encouraged by our growth in popularity amongst our existing network thus far.


As agents, you certainly have several schools on your books. Nevertheless, we believe that ILE offers unique products & services that target a very specific student population, which will certainly not clash, but complement, the services offered by our competitors, as we are not a physical school.


Not everyone has the flexibility or the funds to study English abroad, and even when students do so, they look for options to continue studying in their home country. At ILE, we offer pupils the possibility to study English online with a qualified and experienced teacher. This solution is fast, convenient and flexible. In addition to this, we also cater for students who are looking to make the most of their summer holiday by offering a unique language learning experience on the island of Malta.

As a boutique school, working in a niche market, we understand the importance of working with agents, which is why we offer competitive commission rates and have an open-door policy to discuss any business proposals that come our way.


Applying for University in the UK for Free


Aside from the teaching aspect, ILE also gives free support to students who would like to study at universities in the UK. We deal with the students' application process from the first day they come to us, until their first day on campus. We work hand-to hand with 10 universities in the UK and may offer discounts on student fees.  


Our Value


We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to our students as we believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price. 


ILE yourself and get in touch to hear about our products and how we can work together.


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