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Interview with Giuliana Faldetta: The new IH World Teacher Training Website

Published on Friday, March 6, 2020

IHWO Teacher Training

In today's interview, we spoke to Giuliana Faldetta from IH World. The main subject of this interview is the new Teacher Training website that has been launched recently. Read on, to find out how you can benefit from this:

1. At IH World you have just launched your new Teacher Training website. Where did the idea for this come from?

Teacher training has always been at the core of what we do and this website was designed to reflect this. IH Teach English is for every step of your teaching career from taking your first steps in TEFL and becoming a professionally qualified teacher, to finding a job and continuing to progress in your career.

We decided to give increased emphasis to the teacher training side of our business because its fundamental to what International House means. Founders John and Brita Haycraft believed that quality language teaching stemmed from quality teacher training. In 1962 they developed the IH Certificate in Teaching English, a course that was highly practical and focused on communication not on translation (like it used to be in those days). This ground-breaking course became a standard for language teachers and formed the basis of what is now the CELTA, the world-renowned qualification certified by Cambridge Assessment English.

Teacher training continues to be at the core of what we do and our centres offer a wide range of training programmes, specialist methodology, academic management, and short professional development courses.

2. Who can benefit from checking out this new site?

Any TEFL enthusiast! Teachers who are starting their career, those looking for lesson resources and career tips, anybody looking for a new job in a high-quality school, and experienced Academic Managers looking to improve their qualifications.

3. While browsing, I saw info on CELTA courses in different parts of the world, as well as CELTA-related job postings. What other kinds of information can one find on the new website?

We have amazing alumni of teachers who have completed a CELTA with us in the past. Anybody thinking of taking the course will be able to read some of their advice (like how important it is to have comfy shoes!). Our tutors around the world have also offered their advice for success on the course and in a future career (like developing empathy with your students). 

We have a fantastic network of teachers around the world who have a wealth of experience living with a TEFL career, so there are contributions on this site about what it’s like to work in different destinations, how to approach the classroom, and advice on how to progress your career.

 It’s not all about CELTA though. At some point in their career, most teachers will want to get better at teaching young learners, or teaching business English, or online, or moving into academic management and getting to grips with how to observe effectively or manage change.  We have courses for all these special interest areas.

4. How can member schools make use of this new site?

IH Teach English is purely to support our member schools in the leading role they have within teacher training within the EFL industry. 

5. How can potential CELTA applicants benefit from this new website?

What is great about this site is that future trainees or job seekers will find all the information in one unique platform without having to search the information in individual sites. They can easily compare destinations, types of courses, prices, and job vacancies.

All applicants will benefit from the wealth of experience IH has to offer. We do not simply help you find the right course for your needs but we also support your with expert advice. Our trainers have been through the experience of training as junior teachers and have moved their way up to becoming trainers - these are the people who help us help you make the right choice.

There are explicit benefits to booking a course: a free grammar course, guide to teaching practice, discount on books, self-study guides, your own phonemic chart, discount on One-Stop English, teaching resources, and CV and careers advice.

6. I also saw a Resources Section on the site. As an Ex-teacher, my eyes would immediately be attracted to this section.  What can one find here? And can schools use this section in any way?

Our teachers and teacher trainers have created a bank of resources that can be easily accessed by anyone who is looking for an activity which has been tested and is ready to be used. The content is divided into various sections including full lesson plans, general tips, ideas, worksheets, and short activities. There are also some fun games to play!

7. Are there any registration fees involved to use the IH New Teacher Training website?

This is a 100% free service. IH Teach English has been designed to help find everything in one place and make it really easy for anyone to access. No fees and lots of help, tips and advice from expert teacher trainers!

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