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IH Study Abroad Conference Catania 2019 Day 2

Published EDU-WorldWide on Friday, May 3, 2019

Day to at IH Study Abroad Conference

After a lovely fish-based dinner yesterday evening and another warm welcome this morning (which we shared on our social channels), the day took off with an introduction to services. The insurance company is sponsoring this event and representatives were present to speak to both schools and agents.

After that, all representatives had a day of interesting information which can be used for their businesses. The sessions were:

- Customer Experience by Nicola Lutz

- Social Styles and Communication by Simon Thorley

- How to Recruit More Students by Henry Tolley

- ST Magazine: Annual Agency Survey 2018 by Giulia Zattera

We are currently during the panel discussion which is focusing mainly on the School-Agent Relationship. Following this, there will be a continuation of the roaming meetings so schools and agents can network and do more business together. 

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