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Free Training Day for ELT Academic Managers and Trainers 2022 - International House

Published Bernice on Friday, January 14, 2022 12:00 AM

Free Training Day for ELT Academic Managers and Trainers

We are delighted to welcome Academic Managers and Trainers from across the industry to take part in a special one day event on Saturday 22nd January.

Since taking the IH Academic Management and Training conference online in 2021, we are now able to offer academic managers and trainers who are not currently working in an International House school the chance to experience of some of the great talks we provide for  IH members.  

We want to support the community of academic managers and trainers across our industry and we hope this event will be useful to you, and your colleagues. 

Join us on Saturday 22nd January from 11.15 GMT for a programme that will help you address the challenges you are currently facing as an academic manager or trainer. You will have the opportunity to engage with your peers from around the world and gain insights that will support you as managers and trainers. 

You can find the training programme here.

Our three plenary speakers for this event are George Pickering, Marie Willoughby and Lucie Cotterill and they will be sharing their insights and expertise in management, training and planning for the future. Between plenaries we will also hear from managers in our network who will share their experiences of becoming academic managers.

This event is completely free of charge, participants will simply need to register here.

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