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Newsfeed: International House marks World Kindness Day

Published Bernice on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 4:00 PM

International House marks World Kindness Day

Like several other entities within the field of international education, International House has also celebrated this special day by sharing the experience of IH OTTI Coordinator, Katja.

 "Make kindness the norm and share your stories of the random acts of kindness you have experienced," IH World say in their social media post. They moved on to share Katja's experience which took place "during her student years, while she was travelling from Wales to Liverpool on the train."

"Being on a very tight student budget and not wanting to spend her precious pennies on the overpriced train food, she decided to go without lunch," they continued to say. "A fellow passenger must have overheard her stomach rumbling, as when the snack trolley went by, the lady bought Katja a sandwich and Kit-kat. Katja recalls the moment fondly and it shows how a small act of kindness is so memorable."

These truly are special moments that stay with you your whole life and teach us to be better human beings!

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