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5 reasons why IH Galway is parents' top choice for 2022

Published Lynne on Monday, January 24, 2022 12:00 AM

5 reasons why IH Galway is parents' top choice for 2022

The upcoming summer months should see the return of summer camps and language courses for all ages, including teenagers and children. IH Galway is open and really excited to welcome younger learners to our school, but first we'd like to welcome their parents! Choosing a location for their child's English language programme can be difficult, so to make their decision easier, here are five reasons why Galway is the right choice for every junior language programme this year.


We know that parents' number one priority is the safety of their children. Galway is a place where anyone can feel safe, regardless of nationality. A peaceful city, it is famous for its hospitality and the locals are always eager to help in times of need. During their course at IH Galway, young learners are always under adult supervision from a teacher or member of staff, however, parents can also rest assured that their loved ones will feel safe outside of the classroom too. Galway is one of the friendliest places in Europe, meaning students will have no problems exploring the city and getting the very best out of their experience.


At IH Galway quality is king! During the summer programme students will be carefully guided by friendly, experienced and professional teachers and staff. Those same staff members will also act as their activity leaders, so a strong relationship of trust is built between everyone. Our school prides itself on being able to create a family atmosphere, which helps students to feel comfortable and to truly find their home away from home here. We are passionate about giving students the best experience possible and will always go the extra mile for anyone who comes to stay. We also know that younger students can sometimes feel homesick, but don’t worry, our staff will be there to lend an ear and help them with any problems or doubts they may have. Our activities and courses are carefully planned with the students in mind with the goal of giving them a memorable and engaging experience. The early experiences of our youth can be life-changing and we know that managing this is a big responsibility. However, at IH Galway students will be equipped with a big set of practical tools and knowledge which will prove invaluable for their futures. At the end of their course, parents and students always walk away feeling proud of their decision and experience, and definitely want to come and visit again!


Every year is an opportunity for kids to have the best summer ever. Spending a summer abroad is an experience that children will talk about for the rest of their lives, and at IH Galway we give them the best stories to tell! The fun starts in the classroom where students learn in an interactive and stimulating environment. The student-teacher relationship is incredibly important and in our classrooms, students will meet a variety of enthusiastic and good humored teachers who get involved with every age group and love meeting new students from all around the world. Our teachers work hard to provide students with lessons that are useful, enjoyable and cultural. One amazing feature of our programme is that students learn about the history and importance of essential Irish sights like the Cliffs of Moher and Conemmara in class - and then they go and visit them in person later in the programme! Another benefit of our programme is that many of our staff are locals of the city and have all the information and knowledge necessary to guide students through the culture and geography of the city with ease. Other fun activities students can look forward to including the Salthill aquarium and water sports such as canoeing and swimming. Students will also learn how to play Ireland’s traditional sports (Gaelic football and hurling) and gain an introduction to the art of Irish dancing. In this way, our students really get to experience Irish culture from the inside. These activities also provide a great opportunity for students to make friends and get to know each other better. The IH Galway Junior Programme aims to create friendships and connections between young people that will last for a lifetime, meaning students will be talking about their incredible summer in Galway for years to come.


Although fun is important, the main aim of the IH Junior Programme is for students to learn English. Our programme is project based and conducted entirely in the English language. Students are given tasks from the very beginning of their programme to complete which they compile into a folder to record their progress. At the end of their course students can then bring home a record of their achievement that they can add to their CVs. The experience of a cultural and language exchange is extremely desirable and always looks great on university and job applications. As you know, English is a global and essential language in the world of business and education. In class we aim to effectively communicate the importance of learning the English language to our students. We also aim to increase students’ interest and engagement with the language so they have the desire to practice outside of class too. With the proper teaching and technique, an interest in language learning can be established at an early age and open doors to future learning opportunities. We also prepare students for the future by giving them the opportunity to learn vital 21st century skills, like how to converse with people of different nationalities and how to use technology in a productive and educational way. Overall, an exchange like this one is guaranteed to produce more curious and open-minded individuals with even brighter futures ahead of them.


When it comes to choosing the right city in Ireland for a language programme, the choice is really quite simple. When compared with Dublin, Ireland’s capital, Galway is more affordable in every respect and provides cheaper food, transportation and student accommodation than its big-city rival. Given the quality and care put into our Junior programmes, we believe there is no better value for money for parents and their children. At IH Galway we offer more than just supervision. We offer an immersive language and cultural experience that makes students feel inspired and motivated to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. At the end of their experience, students will have gained an invaluable experience which will stay with them forever. All of us at IH Galway are excited to host lovely students this summer and are looking forward to doing what we love the most - making a change in our students’ lives.

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