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IELS Malta welcomes 3 groups from Ukraine from StudyUA agency over Festive Season and Orthodox Christmas

Published Bernice on Monday, January 30, 2023 7:22 PM

IELS Malta welcomes 3 groups from Ukraine from StudyUA agency over Festive Season and Orthodox Christmas

IELS Malta had the pleasure to welcome three groups of teenage students from Ukraine this Festive Season. Apart from English classes, the students took part in various activities and had lots of fun celebrating New Year’s Eve in Valletta grand celebrations as well as exploring the island and visiting numerous heritage places. School’s social media as well as students’ accounts were filled with happy photos and smiling faces!

A teenager’s language stay is an important life experience and a real opportunity to discover new horizons in a safe environment, and IELS is committed to helping students on the steps of this journey. StudyUA Group Leader Olga’s heart-warming feedback shows the effort has paid off:

‘Dear partners we want to express our gratitude for a warm welcome, interesting lessons, nice excursions and assistance in everything.

Our groups enjoyed their classes and activities at school. All the teachers are great.

Every day of our stay was full of positive emotions. Sliema is a perfect city to stay in. The location of the hotel and school are perfect. It takes minutes to get to the ferry or bus station. Sliema is ideal for shopping. There are many shops, restaurants and cafes nearby.

We continue making our educational trips possible, despite the war and “crazy” logistics.

We are glad that our groups were able to spend 2 wonderful weeks in sunny Malta with IELS team.

Thank you for support. We are looking forward to the next season!’

Commenting on the uncertainty the kids are experiencing in their country, Andrii Tkachenko – Head of Education Abroad Department said ‘All children must have happy childhood no matter what. Ukraine is at full-scale war for already a year and many children suffer from it. If we are able to help parents providing their kids with safe and welcoming environment at least for 2 weeks - we definitely do our best. Our company managed to bring around 500 kids from Ukraine to EU camps this summer and 160 for winter camps. One of the best experience our children groups had this winter - was Malta camp with IELS. We had 3 groups there with IELS and children were simply happy, that's all what these kids needed.

Thank you, IELS staff, for amazing service and for sharing your Maltese sunshine to our dark winter times here in Ukraine.’

All of us at IELS Malta were extremely happy to make these trips special for the kids and their smiling and happy faces were the best reward any member of our Team could ever wish for. We look forward to welcoming many more students, helping them create bright and happy memories while enjoying the sun, the English language, and the rich culture of the Maltese islands.

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