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ICEF holds another record-breaking event in Berlin

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, November 15, 2018

ICEF Berlin 2018, held between 4th and 6th November, was the most successful ICEF event in the company’s history. Record numbers of participants and more one-to-one meetings than any previous event emphasised ICEF Berlin’s status as the highlight of the global education calendar.

A total of 2 842 participants from 1 789 organisations, representing 111 countries across six continents, took part in ICEF Berlin 2018. 12% of participants attended their first ICEF event in Berlin this year. Participants took part in 31 104 pre-scheduled and on-site meetings over two days.

The number of educators attending ICEF Berlin 2018 included 1 231 representatives from 720 institutions. Eugene Murphy, Managing Director of Language Learning International, Ireland, described his experience in Berlin as highly beneficial: “I was impressed by the attention to detail. This is the sign of a very professional organisation! Of course it is very big, but it is exclusive and brings interesting possibilities. It is the workshop of workshops.”

A total of 1 221 agents attended ICEF Berlin 2018 from 922 organisations, including strong representation from Russia, Spain, Turkey, Italy, and Ukraine. In all, the agents present at ICEF Berlin represented 104 countries across six continents. Speaking about his experience in Berlin, Carlos Robles, Director at IEP Brazil, said: “This was one of the best conferences I’ve attended in recent years – ICEF Berlin is the largest and most significant international education event in the world for us: it’s a great opportunity to meet your existing partners and to make new partnerships.”

In addition to the programme of pre-scheduled meetings and an extensive one-day seminar series including 58 presentations by 83 expert speakers, ICEF Media demonstrated Virtual Reality (VR) services to clients in a dedicated hospitality lounge area at the event. Participants were able to don VR headsets and enjoy simulated “walk-through” tours of campuses, student accommodation and facilities. This service is now available through ICEF Media to educators, agents, and service providers looking to provide tours for students and their families around the world.

This year’s event in Berlin saw ICEF announce the 700th graduate from its Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA), as well as the milestone of more than 30 000 professionals around the world enrolled in its online training courses. A further five professionals undertook tests related to ICEF’s Agent Training Course (IATC) and specific destination courses for the United States, Ireland, and Canada. As a sign of the industry’s growing interest in continuous professional development, 36 industry professionals took advantage of the ICEF Coach training programme on the first day of the event.

Social and networking events enjoyed by participants included a welcome reception and a event party featuring live music. One other special feature of this year’s event in Berlin was the “Women in Education” Awards, sponsored by ICEF and ICEF Media among other sponsors. These awards are run by Lead 50/50, an organisation set up to promote women’s leadership in international education. A full list of the winners announced in Berlin is available here:

ICEF Berlin 2019 will take place between 3rd and 5th November 2019. For more information please visit:

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