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ICEF Digital 2023 - A fresh, thought-provoking and informative day!

Published Bernice on Friday, November 3, 2023 2:13 PM

ICEF Digital 2023 - A fresh, thought-provoking and informative day!

We're half way through ICEF Digital 2023 and so far this day has been a breath of fresh air where we've found the right balance between expertise and thought-provoking sessions spanning throughout the whole day.  ICEF Digital 2023 has managed to assemble key stakeholders within the international education industry, and has, so far, offered a series of engaging discussions and keynote addresses pertaining to how digital innovation is revolutionizing the spheres of global networking within our industry.

The day commenced with a captivating keynote address delivered by Prof. Gabor Kovacs, who delved into the exciting realm of the AI-volution. His insights undoubtedly set the stage for the day, shedding light on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. Following the keynote, a dynamic panel discussion titled 'Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence in international education' engaged attendees in a stimulating exchange of ideas. This session highlighted the profound impact that AI is making within our industry, offering attendees a comprehensive view of the cutting-edge innovations and opportunities it presents. ICEF Digital 2023 is indeed shaping up to be a breath of fresh air, striking a perfect balance between expertise and thought-provoking discussions that promise to drive the international education sector forward.

After that, attendees were treated to a series of engaging and informative talks that further enriched their understanding of AI's role in international education. Alex Calder presented a talk on 'Unlocking AI's potential: A roadmap for international education marketers,' offering valuable insights on how AI can be harnessed to enhance marketing strategies in the field. This was followed by Elizabeth Newall's intriguing discussion on 'From culture shock to digital shock: Preparing your students for an unfamiliar digital environment,' shedding light on the challenges students face in adapting to the digital age. After that, Anabel Ternès von Hattburg delved into 'The digital media roads leading to GenZ and Gen Alpha,' exploring the evolving landscape of digital media consumption among these younger generations. 

These talks added depth and perspective to the ongoing discourse at ICEF Digital 2023, underlining the event's commitment to fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing in international education.

Just before the lunch break at ICEF Digital 2023, attendees were treated to two more insightful sessions that continued to explore the frontiers of digital innovation in education. The first was a dynamic panel discussion focused on 'The digital media roads leading to GenZ and Gen Alpha,' offering a deep dive into how these younger generations are shaping and being influenced by the digital media landscape. This discussion illuminated the evolving preferences and behaviors of Gen Z and Gen Alpha, crucial insights for educators and institutions. Following the panel, Piero Tinori delivered an engaging talk on 'How digital technologies intensify student engagement,' emphasizing the ways in which digital tools and platforms can enhance the educational experience and foster greater student involvement. These discussions underscored the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future of international education and left participants eager to explore more in the coming sessions.

The rest of the afternoon promises to be just as engaging. It was so nice to see the interactions over the lunch break where the conversations and discussions on AI and the role it plays in our industry continued way beyond the seminar room. 

We'll certainly be back with more updates as the day unfolds!

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