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ICEF Berlin announces ‘Digital Day’

Published Bernice on Wednesday, June 8, 2022 12:00 AM

ICEF Berlin announces ‘Digital Day’

An opportunity for providers of digital and technological innovations to meet with international student recruitment professionals

Celebrating 30 years, ICEF has been the main meeting point for the international student recruitment industry for decades. ICEF’s sector-leading events - including its flagship, ICEF Berlin - focus on key study destinations, student source regions, or specific education levels. Through these events, ICEF has a successful track record of helping student recruitment professionals build strategic partnerships with theultimate goal of boosting institutions’ international student enrolments.

“What has continuously enabled ICEF to be the main marketplace for the international education community since we began 30 years ago, is our ability to adapt to a constantly changing playing field. The most recent example is our rapid introduction of sophisticated virtual and hybrid event formats in response to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic. Now here to stay, the new event formats allow educators, study abroad agencies and industry service providers to attend ICEF Events in-person, or online from the comfort of their home or office depending on their preferences and options.” says Markus Badde, ICEF CEO.

ICEF Berlin Digital Day

The next step in ICEF’s evolution is the introduction of “ICEF Berlin Digital Day, specifically tailored to introduce providers of Edtech and Digital Solutions to an audience of senior decision makers in international education, in-person as well as online.

Martijn van de Veen, VP of Business Development at ICEF explains: “Whilst the educator - agency model remains the driving force behind the rapidly expanding international student recruitment industry, recent years have seen substantial growth of innovative Edtech and Digital solutions that are directly and indirectly relevant to the international education community. As the industry’s main marketplace, it is our responsibility and continued ambition to bring together all the main actors in international student recruitment: educators, agencies as well as providers of industry-relevant services including Edtech and Digital. With the introduction of ICEF Berlin Digital Day, ICEF consolidates its role as the premier world meeting point for the broader international student recruitment industry”.

ICEF Berlin Digital Day, scheduled to take place on November 2nd at the Intercontinental Berlin right after the flagship event ICEF Berlin, will start with a visionary keynote session followed by a series of interactive thought leadership seminars, presentations, demos and panel discussions. The sessions will cover all sector-relevant Edtech and Digital categories:

  • Online and Digital Testing
  • Customer Relationship Management and Admissions software
  • Online Programme Managers
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Recruitment and Admissions Platforms
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Digital Marketing

Providers of products and solutions across these categories will have the opportunity to provide short product demos in between sessions, join panel discussions and interact with members of the audience via dedicated exhibit spaces.

In the lead up to ICEF Berlin Digital Day, ICEF is hosting a series of thought leadership webinars with specialists and industry professionals, for an introduction to the different Edtech and Digital categories and to highlight some of the main players in each category. 

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