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ICEF Coach

Published on Friday, March 24, 2017

One of the themes running through every international education conference we attend these days is that of increased competition. Whether in the form of emerging markets looking for international students or increased activity from competition in their region, schools are saying that you have to work harder to attract international students. How true is this?


In fact, it is very true in working with agents as well.  Agents have a lot of choice on which institution they feel is best for their students. The deciding factor of where the agents will send their student doesn't usually come down to commission.  It comes down to relationships and the supports a school has for its' agencies. A strong relationship between the agent and the school is important. The schools that are most successful are those that have a strategy in place right from their first meeting at an agent conference. 


Mike Henniger, VP Sale & Marketing at ICEF told us "When you are coming to an event such as ICEF, it is vital that you have a plan before, during and after the event to ensure you get the most out your attendance.  I tell our clients the 20/30/50% rule to succeed at an ICEF. 20% should be done before the event researching your markets etc. 30% is at the event itself. This involves things such as having a strategic, well-planned approach to your meeting. 50% is post event. Follow up, follow up, follow up!" 


To help their clients be successful, ICEF has launched a range of professional development and advisory programs called ICEF Coach, Mentor and Achieve. Today we will look at ICEF Coach, which provides training on how educators can effectively prepare for and conduct their meetings at workshops. Coach matches attendees with highly experienced recruiters to help with advances tips for success.


For further info about ICEF Coach you can click here.


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