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ICEF Berlin 2022 has been a sign that #intled is back!

Published Bernice on Thursday, November 3, 2022 12:07 PM

This year's ICEF Berlin was a clear sign that our industry is back

Another ICEF Berlin has come to an end - it's been our tenth one this year, and what a special one it was. Walking into the Intercontinental on Sunday evening after a two-year gap was almost surreal. Most of us had gotten used to staying mildly away from people, so seeing everyone hugging and shaking hands felt quite strange at first. Nonetheless....a few hugs and handshakes later (mostly hugs, we must admit!!) and within a few short moments everything started getting back to normal again.

What a lovely phrase that is - back to normal! This is exactly what this year's ICEF Berlin workshop felt like. It felt like our beloved industry is finally getting back on its feet and that things are indeed moving towards normality. It was the expression on everyone's face, and lips! 

Those who follow our social media have seen the photos and reels that we posted throughout the three days of the event. We tried our best to bring you the real feel, so that if you didn't join us this year, you might want to think twice about missing out on it in 2023. If nothing else, this ICEF Berlin has shown the industry that we can finally start to think and plan ahead, that the days of "let's wait and see" are finally behind us, and that the coming year looks more promising than what we had become used to in the past couple of years!

With that in mind, with a warm heart from the beautiful few days we've just come back home from, and with very tired legs after remembering what it is like to walk up and down the venue corridors endlessly (p.s. that plus the dancing was really good exercise though!), we would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the ICEF team for the impeccabile organisation of this year's event. Up until a few months ago the industry was still in the dark on so many things, including where it was headed, however, ICEF managed to pull together and host a fantastic event despite all the challenges.

This has not gone unnoticed, not by us, and certainly not by the rest of the people who attended the conference.

Hats off and Auf Wiedersehen Berlin!! See you in 2023!


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