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The IALC Berlin Workshop - Day 2

Published Bernice on Tuesday, May 24, 2022 12:00 AM

The IALC Berlin Workshop - Day 2

The second day at the IALC Workshop in Berlin is in full swing. Schools, agents and service providers are busy meeting each other and catching up after a long time of not seeing one another. There is an incredibly good vibe here, and everyone seems to be looking ahead at the coming months with a positive attitude. Day 2 of the workshop will be packed with one-to-one meetings all day long until this evening, when we all meet for a reception at Spreespeicher.

Don't forget to stay tuned to our social media channels where we are constantly sharing with you live updates from #ialc2022.

For those who are with us in Berlin, don't forget to pop over to our Facebook page where you can find the event album and start tagging yourselves and your friends. Let's all make the most of this wonderful time together!!!

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