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Humboldt Advent Calendar 2019 – Win a 2-week German course!

Published on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Humboldt Advent Calendar

We are very happy to announce the Humboldt Advent Calendar's eighth season with a chance for you and your clients to win a two-week German course every week!

Our 19-day competition is an ideal tool for you to market the Humboldt-Institut’s German language courses, attract new clients and increase the interest in Germany and the German language. Beside the chance to win attractive prizes, your clients will be able to get a closer insight into our course centers and learn more about Humboldt.

How does it work?
The Advent Calendar will be published on our website and our Facebook page. Starting on December 1, each day a new door of our Advent Calendar opens up. Participants have to answer the question of the day and register with their name, age and email to take part in the competition. Participating every day enhances the chances to win a prize!

Which prizes can be won?
Participants can win a total of three 2-week intensive German courses at the Humboldt-Institut as the main prizes. Depending on their age, students can choose to take their German course in our year-round course centers in Constance or Berlin-Mitte (for students 18+), in Lindenberg (ages 13-17) or Bad Schussenried (ages 10-17). In addition, Humboldt polo shirts and Humboldt water bottles will be drawn. The total value of this year’s competition prizes exceeds 5,000 euros!

Winners may choose

- a course between January and May, or September and December, i.e. outside the summer season,

- a regular intensive course, i.e. no one-to-one course, with residence accommodation

- a transfer from and to the available airports for the respective course center.

The complete information concerning the competition and the prizes can be found in the conditions of participation.

If one of your clients wins a main prize it is possible to announce your agency’s name in conjunction with the winner’s name on Instagram, on our Facebook page and on our website.

Humboldt Advent Calendar
Start: December 1

We look forward to many participants and lucky winners in our Advent Calendar competition and wish you a restful Advent season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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