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How to Improve UX Strategy

Published Lynne on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 10:45 AM

How to Improve UX Strategy

We’ve highlighted in past articles the importance of user experience (UX) when it comes to business success - keeping our end consumers happy is ultimately a sure way to have loyal customers. Therefore, having a UX strategy will help you identify the features that have the biggest impact as well as the areas you need to improve. This is especially useful in a competitive market such as international education. Here are some tips to focus your strategy on UX:


Before setting up your main goal on where you want to go, take a step back and analyze where you are now and your current UX efforts on your website. Find out what’s working and what isn’t. You can do so by reaching out to your own employees and asking them to give you honest feedback on these functions. There are also several tools like Google Analytics that can help you get loads of useful data. 

Target Specific Objectives

From the feedback you get, you now need to set up specific objectives. Instead of tackling an overall problem, dissect the problem into smaller more manageable parts and start making minor changes. Tackling a large-scale project will end up taking more time than necessary.

Set up a Plan

Like any other strategy for your business, you do not plunge in headfirst. Now that you know your target objectives, map out a way back from your target to where you are now, and set up all the stages you must go through to get to your end result. A sound plan not only gives you structure and avoids any errors... plus it will provide you a quality end result.

Analyse Data

Compare website traffic data from before and after the changes - an increase in traffic will indicate that the changes you’ve made are sound. You can also track if there is an increase in engagement with your social media posts, which is a great indicator of an improved UX strategy. Check out your subscribers' list to see if there is an increase in volumes. Lastly, a customer survey asking them what they think of your current UX strategy can help you get a clearer picture of consumer behavior and attitude.

The needs of the consumer are always changing and your UX strategy needs to reflect those changes if you want it to remain effective. Carrying out this analysis from time to time will let you know where those changes should be made in order to avoid annoying customers. In fact, giving them the smoothest experience possible will help you see an increase in your return on investment.

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