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How to Tuesday: How to Stay Updated on the Latest Trends in International Education

Published Lynne on Tuesday, October 31, 2023 9:00 AM

How to Tuesday: How to Stay Updated on the Latest Trends in International Education

Whether you’re a school, agent, or service provider in the international education industry, staying up-to-date on recent developments is a crucial part of the job. But where should you be looking? Here, we’ll guide you through the most important resources to ensure you're always well-informed about any key changes in the sector.

Follow international education news providers online

One of the quickest ways of uncovering the latest trends is through reputable educational news websites and blogs, such as that of Schools and Agents. By subscribing to their newsletter and following them on social media platforms, you’ll be the first to discover insightful articles about the industry and emerging study destinations around the world. 

Connect with embassies and government departments 

Another key source of information comes from government and embassy websites. Since visa regulations are subject to change, it’s vital for international agents and partners to stay informed for the benefit of their clients. Embassies and consulates often publish guidelines, announcements, and changes to immigration policies that affect international students, so keep track of their official websites and newsletters for the most accurate and recent industry information.

Liaise with university and college admissions 

Admission requirements for international students can vary widely across universities and countries. Many educational institutions have dedicated admissions offices that handle applications – maintaining direct communication with admissions teams in popular study destinations is a great way of staying in the loop. It’s also advisable to follow official university social media accounts to gain real-time updates on any changes in admission requirements, including academic prerequisites, language proficiency tests, and scholarship opportunities.


Utilising these various online resources will enable international schools and agents to give their clients the best possible service by establishing them as a trusted authority in the industry.


Written by Stephanie Clark

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