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How-To Tuesday: How-To Tackle Content on TikTok

Published Lynne on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 2:00 PM

How-To Tuesday: How-To Tackle Content on TikTok

Ever since the dawn of TikTok, there has been a massive shift to video content in Social Media Marketing. From TikTok, the trend moved forward to Instagram and other platforms at high speed. Even though TikTok may seem overwhelming, getting to know the platform better will be worth your while, especially for those of you in the International Education Industry looking to attract the younger generation. That's why our team at Schools and Agents has decided to come up with some hints on how to create TikTok content. 

Focus on Quality Content

TikTok differs from other platforms when it comes to growth, as it does not rely on PPC marketing. TikTok's algorithm will push your engaging quality content to your preferred audience. This will help in increasing your number of followers.

Plan Your Content

Like in any other social media platform, planning your content is essential. Informal videos are all the rage, but even these styles need careful planning. Carefully planned 'spontaneous' moments can easily go viral as TikTok still rewards high-quality, curated content. We always recommend that you use a content calendar; it helps with time management and it also makes sure that you have continuous posts on your social platforms. Having a constant flow of posts is even more important on TikTok, where trends are emerging at a fast rate. It is important to remember to leave some spare slots in your calendar for reactive content and trends that are gaining attention.

Trend Spotting

As mentioned in our previous point, new trends are always emerging on TikTok, so you need to stay on top of these trends to stay relevant. Some companies have the budget to hire people dedicated to watching and identifying these trends. But what most companies do is have their whole team on the lookout for new trends on the platform that would be suitable for their brand.

Make Your Content Fun

Each social media platform has its angle and approach. Linkedin is a more professional network since it deals with business-to-business. Facebook and Instagram have a more casual day-to-day approach. TikTok presents itself as a fun network, while this gives it a unique angle, it makes it more difficult to reuse content from other platforms. You would need to tweak your content to fit with the platform's identity. Most companies using the platform are creating content specific for the platform.

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