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How-to-Tuesday: How to Get a Better Open Rate on your Sales Intro Email

Published Bernice on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 8:00 AM

How-to-Tuesday: How to Get a Better Open Rate on your Sales Intro Email

When it comes to sales and looking for new leads, cold calls come to mind, however, more often than not they rarely result in an automatic sale. In the language travel industry, this is not an exception. So, moving on to an email or even a LinkedIn message first can go a long way. This is how you can increase your chances of an open rate for your sales intro email:

Introduce Yourself

Never assume that the person on the receiving end knows anything about you or your company. Give a brief introduction about yourself and the company first but don’t use this as an immediate sales pitch. 


The longer the email, the bigger the risk of your contact ignoring it. Keep it simple and convey your message concisely. Provide your lead with an idea of what you can offer i.e. give enough information to entice them and guide them to follow up for more information.

Add a Subject Line

More often than not people open emails based on the subject line. In fact, around 47% of email recipients do just that while others use the same concept when deciding whether to trash an email or even worse mark it as spam. The subject line is crucial as it’s the first test of whether your contact chooses to read or ignore your email. Personalize it if you can, make it brief but interesting, and offer value.

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Calls-to-action are necessary for any email you send, after all, your email has a purpose, make sure that your readers know it too. Don’t be vague and make sure your reader knows what their next step is - do you want them to call or reply back? Do you need them to schedule a time to meet? 

Always Follow up

If your first-ever sales email gets no reply, always follow up. If a contact doesn’t reply to you immediately, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the contact isn’t interested. As is often the case, sales emails are put on the back burner until the day-to-day work issues are sorted out, if they ever are. Following up on your email is crucial to keep the conversation going instead of it hitting a dead end; sending more than one follow-up in a timely manner may also create that sense of urgency to give your contact that extra push to reply.

If your contact doesn’t open your email, the deal is over before it has even begun. Using the tips above increases your chance of an open rate. Once you get them to open that email they gain access to your proposition and give you a chance to warm them up to the idea of them making that purchase.

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