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How to Tuesday: How to Improve your Networking Skills

Published Bernice on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:00 AM

How to Improve your Networking Skills

If there is one thing that we've all missed in 2020 it's face to face networking. We work in a lively and dynamic industry, and networking is part of what makes it so lively and so dynamic, so it is normal that we are missing it. However, just because we cannot network face to face, does not mean that we have to hit the pause button on networking and wait until the pandemic is over before we can get back to doing it.

In today's article we are going to give you some tips on what you can do in order to stay in touch with clients and partners right now:

1) Drop them a line - this could be done via email, but if you feel like being creative you can also choose to add a nice touch to your "Hello" note and send a handwritten letter. Now that will help you stand out!

2) Call them - our partners and clients are used to hearing from us in two situations: either when we want to sell them something, or when there is a problem. It is nice to receive a phone call in which someone is genuinely interested in how you are doing!

3) Send them a Christmas card - the festive season is round the corner and for many years most of us have refrained from sending Christmas cards because we felt they were overrated or because we wanted to help the environment. While we totally agree with the latter reason for not sending cards, we also believe that this year we can all do with that little something that's extra special!

4) Schedule online meetings with them - and make sure that when you do so you turn on your cameras so that you see one another. It's the next best thing to a face to face meeting in real life. And when you do find yourself in an online meeting, apply the usual active listening skills and positive body language that you would use in a face to face meeting.

5) Follow and Catch up with them on Social media - networking opportunities are everywhere. Rather than spending (or rather) wasting time browsing through social media channels, use this time to catch up with an industry partner or client.

6) Connect partners with each other - if there is one motto that we can use this year it's that "We are stronger together". If you feel that one or more of your partners can benefit from getting to know one another, make that call; send that email; make the introduction.


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