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How to Tuesdays: How to make your content journey one that actually lasts

Published Bernice on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 8:00 AM

An image that shows the different steps to take to start your blog journey.

Content journeys tend to start with all the right intentions and then slowly slowly end, sometimes without even realising. This is usually the case when you set off without being prepared. So, we’re here to tell you what you need to do to prepare yourself for consistency and as a result, a journey that lasts… in just three simple steps!

Step 1: Keyword Research

This is your best shot at making sure you have topics to write about and get good results on search engines. Forget about keywords with super high volumes as we can assure you that you will NOT rank, you will NOT see results and you WILL give up on this journey. Not the most encouraging way to get you started, right? But worry not! Here’s what you should do instead - focus on low-volume, long-tail keywords!

Step 2: Understand Keywords

The long-tail keywords mentioned above come from generic searches that focus on topics you want to write about. From there you will get suggestions on related keywords and related topics. Pick ones that make sense for your school, agency or business, make a list and make sure you don’t use all of them in just one post. Also remember to not use the same keywords in different posts as you will be harming your own SEO efforts.

Step 3: Write & Repurpose

Once your keyword research is done and your topics are listed, make a plan. Decide how often you will be publishing a blog, where you will share it and how you will repurpose it. Repurposing is a way to use something that you’ve put substantial time and effort into (such as blog writing), for multiple platforms and well, purposes. If you just write a blog, publish it, and share it on some social channels you’re likely to feel like you’ve spent too much time on something that only got some hype for a few hours. Instead, use this blog post to create different social media posts, get someone to create a reel about it, create a poll in stories, do a live video about it, and the list goes on! 

We can’t stress the importance of fresh content enough! Blogs help with SEO - because who doesn’t want to be Google’s favourite in 2022? But not only… they help boost your overall marketing strategy giving you more creative ideas for social media and also make you appear like you’re the number one expert in the field of education travel!

Send us a message if there’s something that’s not clear here or if your marketing team needs some help/inspiration in this area of marketing!

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