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How to Increase Sales through Re targeted Ads on Facebook

Published Lynne on Tuesday, August 9, 2022 12:00 AM

How to Increase Sales for international education courses through Re targeted Ads on Facebook

Retargeting has been a proven success story when it comes to sales! This reminds potential customers of their abandoned checkout, or of a service they showed interest in, and usually results in them finalizing their purchase. This is also true with abandoned booking forms, whether its a course, a summer camp or a long term study abroad opportunity, reminding your potential customers is sure to boost your sales. Facebook also has a similar tool, through Meta Pixel, and it works on the same concept.

Create a Sales Funnel through Retargeted Ads

If you’ve already done your first Brand Awareness Campaign,(see previous article), you can then run a retargeting campaign that shows your ad to users who saved or engaged with your previous one. Facebook allows you to create a custom audience, based on the first campaign. For example, if it were a video campaign, Facebook can help compile audiences that watched the first half of your video, etc. Now you can hit them with a retargeting ad that contains more offers that can entice them to click or proceed with their purchase.

Show your customers products or services they’ve visited

When customers have visited different product pages of your site, that indicates strong interest and purchase intent. If they linger on the page and add it to their cart, even better. Meta Pixel allows you to create custom audiences that have visited particular pages on your website. You can also omit those who have already finalized their purchase with you.

Remind your audience of abandoned booking forms

This concept works the same as with an abandoned checkout. Meta Pixel allows you to create a custom audience of those who have visited your booking page, but did not go through your order confirmation page. You can then create an Ad for this particular audience to encourage them to finalize their order.

Use Ad Sequencing

Some users may take longer to convert than others as they would need further convincing. Here’s where ad sequencing comes in. This allows you to create a set of adverts with specific time windows ensuring that users within your target audience are most likely to see those ads in the order you designed to get them to convert. Break down your ads focusing the first set on long term courses or subscriptions, the second batch should be focused on those customers who are interested but might not go for such a big commitment so focus on shorter term courses. The last set can focus on one time sales and short courses. This prioritizes the high value sales without the risk of alienating your audience to other types of services you offer.

The meta pixel tool comes in handy in campaigns that are aimed at a more specific target audience, as it focuses the money spent on those audiences with a higher chance of purchase. If you wish to know more on Meta pixel follow this link.




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