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How to Tuesday: Maximise Your Institute’s Digital Marketing Budget

Published Lynne on Tuesday, July 4, 2023 9:30 AM

How to Tuesday: Maximise Your Institute’s Digital Marketing Budget

Determining what to invest your business’ digital marketing efforts in requires careful planning and strategic decision-making and often proves a daunting challenge. Here we’ll look at how schools in the international education industry can maximise their budget effectively. 

Establish your target audience

The first key step is determining which audiences you want to reach. Knowing this will help you focus your marketing budget on the channels your target audiences are most likely to engage with. 

Determine the Right Channels

With so many digital marketing channels to choose from, it’s important to invest in those that will reach your target audience effectively and fit your budget. For example, you might want to dedicate more resources to certain social media platforms than others if they target the right audience for your school. This will drive more traffic to your website and ultimately help you make sales.

Make Decisions Using Data

Analysing data will allow you to identify which of your digital marketing campaigns are performing best. You can use data analytics tools to track useful metrics, such as website traffic, conversion rates, and engagement, and use this information to maximise your budget. For instance, if you notice your email marketing is helping you attract the most clients, consider investing in that.

Stay on Trend

Make sure to keep a continuous eye on what your competition is doing and identify any gaps in their digital marketing efforts that you can fill. This means you’ll be able to allocate your budget more successfully and gain a competitive advantage over other businesses in the international education industry. 

Keep Testing & Improving

Optimising your digital marketing budget is an ongoing process, so make sure you keep testing different variations of your campaigns. This could mean tweaking your messaging, targeting different audiences, or experimenting with different ad formats. Once you know what is performing best, maximise your budget by adapting your campaigns accordingly. 

Written by Stephanie Clark

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