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How-To Tuesday: Blogging

Published Lynne on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 12:00 AM

How-To Tuesday Blogging

Blogging! How many times have we mentioned the importance of this marketing tool? Countless! And the reasons for doing so are simple - It helps to establish your position as the go-to source for specific type of information, it helps with your SEO, and it gives you an incredible amount of ideas to repurpose this content for other digital marketing channels. Here are some tips on how to get your blog-writing strategy going:

Do the Research

Research topics that could be of interest to your audience and keywords that will make you stand out. From there, think of 3 to 4 topic pillars that can serve as guidelines for subjects to write about.  

Choose a Topic that you are Passionate About 

Your writing will reflect the love you have for the subject and that in turn will transmit to your audience, so write about something that you like.

Check out Low-Volume Keywords

Find relevant keywords with low searches as with less competition you will rank more easily. 

Create your Pillars

Choose your pillars based on the audiences you want to target, your unique selling points or any other topics your clients tend to ask a lot about. You can then alternate on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on how often you with to publish your blog posts. 

Plan your Blog Structure

Plan your blog ahead, type in a draft and then go through it again to see what must be tweaked.

Title & Outline

Think of a catchy title and how you want to structure your blog. Some brainstorming can easily open up to a lot of new ideas to write about. Remember that what you're writing about is your business, so you already have a lot of the knowledge you need, to get started. 

Focus on your Introduction

The introduction is key as it established whether your reader will continue till the very end or just stop and move on to something else. The effort you make on this part of the blog is not in vain. Apart from generating interest and curiosity, it can also be used as your social media posts text when you share your blog.

Think about the Length

Blogs don't have to be long to work. Between 300 to 500 words can be ideal, especially if you're targeting audiences of various age groups and interests. If you find that there's a lot to say, we suggest using sub-headings. By doing so, both Google (for SEO) and your readers can skim through the text to understand whether you truly are experts in the subject or just another page they will bounce from.

Publish, Promote, Share…Re-Purpose

Once your blog post is done publish it, promote it on all your social media platforms, get your colleagues to share it and also share it in industry-specific groups on social media. Don't just stop there! Your blog has A LOT of content that can be re-purposed for other future social media posts. Create stories or reels that highlight the main points of the blog, use it as guidelines to inspire your next social media posts, include it in your next e-mail markting campaign...yes, we are resourceful in that way! And we have many more techniques which we use on our own pages and which we continuously share with our clients. 

Having a blog is another way to give your company a voice, a way to reach your followers and customers on a deeper level and it is a great addition to your online marketing campaigns. Ready to give it a go? We're happy to train you so you can start doing it on your own, hold your hands until you get started or even take over the writing and re-purposing for your business. Just send us an email on [email protected] so we can explain exactly how we can help!

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