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How Intrinsiq Works - Group Bookings

Published Bernice on Wednesday, November 8, 2023 10:23 AM

How Intrinsiq Works - Group Bookings

Managing group bookings efficiently is essential for language schools and institutions. Intrinsiq understands the complexities involved, and that's why we've developed a seamless Group Bookings process to simplify your workload. Here's a step-by-step guide on how Intrinsiq works for group bookings:

Step 1: Create a Group

Click on the "Groups" tab and select "Add Group."

Step 2: Enter Group Details

Provide essential information, including the group name, the number of students and leaders, agent details, accommodation preferences, and more.

Step 3: Save Group Details

Click "Save," and our system will automatically create a record for each expected student within the group.

Step 4: Add Course and Additional Charges

Customize the group's booking by adding courses, transfers, and other charges. The system will automatically update each record for the entire group.

Step 5: Send Quote to Agent

With a single click, you can send a comprehensive quote to the agent for approval. Once confirmed, you can proceed to gather student details.

Step 6: Enter Student Details

Intrinsiq offers three convenient methods to input student data:

  1. Manually fill in student details from a single page, making it easy to complete all fields at once.
  2. Upload a CSV file, and our system will automatically update records for students in the group.
  3. Generate a template email with an agent-specific link. This link allows agents to access and fill in the required student fields in real-time. As agents input data, the corresponding fields in the Intrinsiq system are instantly updated.

Additional Benefits of the Intrinsiq Group Bookings Process

Time-Saving for Agents: Agents can enter student data themselves, saving time for both agents and school staff. Agents can update student details as they already do, but this time, it's directly in the school's system.

Bulk Updates: Make changes to one booking within a group, and the entire group is updated simultaneously. No more manual adjustments for each student profile. This streamlined process keeps everyone on the same page.

Customized Updates: While the group updates as a whole, the system allows for specific modifications when needed. For students with unique dietary requirements or other individual needs, you can make tailored adjustments.

Intrinsiq's Group Bookings feature is designed to enhance the efficiency of managing group reservations, ensuring a smooth process for schools, agents, and students. Explore Intrinsiq and experience a hassle-free way to handle group bookings.


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