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How Intrinsiq Works - A year in review 2022

Published Bernice on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 7:13 AM

An Intrinsiq year in review

Throughout this past year we’ve looked at various aspects of the Intrinsiq system and how these work. As a last article for this year we are going to walk you through all the different blog posts we’ve had and remind you of what Intrinsiq can do.

January - April

In the first four months of the year we looked at how the Search Function works. This is a simple tool which allows you to export reports from the system which are as simple and as complex as you need them to be. In February and March we looked at Class Management and Student Allocation, which are two of the main functions on the Intrinsiq system. This is an extremely efficient system especially when you are trying to forecast how many students you are going to have at any given period of time. We next looked at Paperless Attendance, another super efficient aspect of Intrinsiq which, not only allows you to save time, but also allows you to save space and do away with unnecessary files and papers.

May - August

In May we started by looking at another key function on the Intrinsiq system, namely Group Bookings. This allows you to allocate your groups in the most efficient manner possible at the click of a button. Next we moved on to look at Automatic Accommodation Matching which is a way to keep your students happy by placing them in the right accommodation as per their request, and at the same time save accommodation managers lots of time on the phone calling host family and finding spaces in apartments. The Diary function is another interesting aspect of Intrinsiq that we looked at this year. It enables you to keep track of the student’s journey from the moment they establish contact with you till after they leave. And everything is in chronological order for ease of reference including communication about any particular student between different members of the department. 

September - November

And this brings us to the last three months of the year leading up to December. In September we looked at Holiday Entries which is another important aspect that allows school managers to plan student holidays into their class schedules when forecasting. Family pay is that part of the Intrinsiq system that enables schools to stay on top of their payments to service providers, in this case, host families. Finally, last month we looked at the Teacher Allocator, which works in the same way as the Student Allocator, but this enables you to plan ahead when it comes to teachers so that you know when you need to hire more, hence planning your class schedule more efficiently.

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