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Did you know… some Schools still do Manual Home Stay Allocation?

Published Bernice on Monday, June 1, 2020

Home Stay Allocation

Many schools offer homestay accommodation as one of their options for when students book courses at their school. This is still a very popular choice among students mainly because living with a host family not only allows the student to have a home away from home, but also to continue practising the language even once classes are finished and also to learn about the culture and gastronomy of the country by living with locals. Very often, schools go through a lot of work in order to make sure that the student is matched with the right family; or to keep track of when a specific family will not be available to host.

However, it doesn’t have to be like that any more

The Intrinsiq system has a homestay portal, where host families can log in and mark the days they will be on holiday or cannot host. They can even mark off one of their rooms as not being available, if for example, they need to do maintenance on it at a certain time.

On top of that, the system also matches the student to the family when allocating, based on the criteria marked in the students profile and in the hosts profile. When allocating, the Intrinsiq system will list down those families that have availability for the period the student requires, and they are also sorted by matching percentage. Therefore, instead of taking the time to make calls and check for availability the system ''does everything for you''!

Final confirmation at the click of a button

Once the student is allocated to a particular family, the Intrinsiq system automatically sends off a notification to the family at the click of a button. That way the family receives the student info and also confirms the booking.

Further info

Would you like to make sure that your accommodation system is up to date and that you don’t waste unnecessary time? Intrinsiq can help you. Drop them a line on to set up a call.

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