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Hispania, escuela de espaƱol acquires new premises in Valencia

Published EDU-WorldWide on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hispania new premises

The current headquarters of Hispania, escuela de español is one of the aspects the students appreciate most of their stay: a villa situated in the university area of Valencia and less than 10 minutes walking from the historic city centre. This villa is part of a historic unit of the city named "Los chalets de los periodistas" (The journalists’ villas), consisting of 19 independent villas which together form one of the idyllic spots of the city. Being one of the treasures of the city of Valencia "Los chalets de los periodistas" are protected buildings, in order to preserve their charm and history.

The later expansion of Hispania, escuela de español had taken place in parallel classroom buildings, situated just a couple of minutes from the main chalet. Over the last years, Hispania, escuela de español has also made a high investment in their student accommodation in the neighbourhood of the headquarters, so that the school has currently almost 70 own student rooms at their disposal, at only around 10 minutes walking from the school. Now, with another investment of 2.2 M. €, which might be the highest in Spain for an independent Spanish school, Hispania, escuela de español is regrouping their classrooms after acquiring two of these chalets. The villas are combined and represent with their approximately 1000m2 the largest construction of these unique villas.

“It is not our objective to expand our 30 classrooms with this investment, but rather establish us in an emblematic area of Valencia, and provide our students with unique spaces in which they can enjoy their experience with us. All students love Valencia, its climate and its light, and that’s why we want to offer larger common spaces like terraces, reading rooms and even a cafeteria. This way we want to make sure that our students have a maximum of comfort and their best possible stay during the whole time they are with us, not only in the classrooms, but also in our own accommodation and in this unique villa. It is actually a privilege, as many people would love to enter one of the “Chalets de los periodistas" and the students are lucky to be able to enjoy even three”, states Juan José Ruiz, co-owner of the school.  

The new villa will be prepared during the next weeks, so as to its inauguration is expected in course of the summer.


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