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High School Year Program for Students with Mobility and Learning Disabilities 2017-2018

Published on Saturday, April 29, 2017

LingooNinja & LingooSchool have announced improvements to the “Student Accessibility Service” for the 2017/2018 Academic Year in Ireland.


Marketing Director Jon Rainey explained “Our company prides itself in doing all it can to make each and every student feel warmly welcome in Ireland, we also reach out to them to assist with any physical or learning difficulties they might experience. Our host family capabilities include hosts with experience and facilities for students who use wheelchairs, through to visually impaired students, and students with medical diagnosis’s such as Autism.”


With over 130 active host families for the 2017-2018 High School Exchange Year, the company is now working with agents in Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Our German colleagues have been particularly keen to highlight our ability to accommodate students with disabilities, and we actively do it.


Commenting further, Jon explained “We work with some superb schools in Ireland when placing students from all backgrounds.  In 2016 we had two student in particular in our High School Year Program with disabilities.  We have been able to ensure they integrate seamlessly, and maximise their potential while here.  The fact we are experienced and promote this as one of our many USP’s, it also reassures parents back home, that when their child is in Ireland, experiencing a linguistic and cultural exchange year, that they are in good hands”.


LingooNinja & LingooSchool operates a policy in the belief that students who may experience disabilities should not fear the prospect of a Study Abroad Year. More information can be obtained by contacting admissions on Access@Lingoo.Ninja

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