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Grade 12 Science experiments, hands-on learning synchronous live online

Published Bernice on Monday, February 1, 2021 12:00 AM

Grade 12 Science experiments hands-on learning synchronous live online

We are finishing our 1st semester -and our students, as we speak, are taking the final exams to complete their courses. For our graduating class that means 4 more courses to graduate in June. Early offers are arriving, and we are very proud of our seniors already.
To ensure our seniors are well prepared for university, we ensure that they have opportunities (online) to get involved and to experience lots of hands-on learning. Check out some of the experiments they have done during their 1st semester.

Equilibrium Lab – Chemistry, grade 12

Our grade 12 chemistry class our brilliant chemistry teacher, Mrs. Mignault, was doing an equilibrium lab using household items so that all students can conduct the experiment at home.  Using straws of two different diameters, students will transfer water between two cups; in so doing they will discover that at chemical equilibrium the rate of forward reaction is equal to the rate of reverse reaction, but the amounts of products and reactants are not necessarily the same.  This is a brilliant way to visually demonstrate an abstract concept. 

Mouse Breeding Experiment – Biology, grade 12

Our grade 12 biology class did a virtual field trip (students from around the world) on Monday to the Canadian Agricultural and Food Museum where they worked with scientists and had explanations on selective breeding in cows, with a live real-time artificial insemination on real-live cows!  It was an amazing field trip (check out Monday November 23 on our calendar and our social media channels for explanation and photos!)  Today those same grade 12 biology students will do a virtual lab, applying their learning from this week’s lessons and field trip, to breed different mice to see what traits are passed on. This hands-on lab allows students to visually see how dominant and recessive genes are passed from one generation to the next. Each student selects which mice they breed in the simulation as they creatively explore DNA and genetics while the baby mice appear before their eyes during this amazing experiential lab! 

Virtual lab – grade 12 Biology:
The grade 12 biology class did a virtual lab on the circulatory system. They got to observe how blood flows through the different parts of the circulatory system. They also got to take samples of blood from the different parts of the body to see how nutrients are absorbed and how oxygen and wastes are transported. Check out our small video:

Do you have anyone that wants to get started right now – reach out we can still make it happen to start with us this Thursday for 2nd semester (grade 10-12).

Planning ahead -we are looking forward to having our students back on campus in September (grade 9-12) but also know that those who can’t come right away don’t have to miss out and can get fully  started, no matter what. Learn more about our boarding as well as synchronous live options, by connecting with . Your education starts here.

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